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Engineering Arrears Papers batch admission going on. FREE Basic ComputerCourses and 50% off on SSC JE Competetive Exams at VLA call: 9962360444
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Victory Learning Academy
(All Educational training / Coaching Under One roof)
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CHESS free demo class on 20-july-2019
free chess demo class @ vla on 20-jul-2019 don't miss it
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SAP Training @West Mambalam
SAP coaching @VLA 

Address: No14,First Floor,Station Road,
West Mambalam,Ch:33
Tally ERP.9 course at Victory Learning Academy

Our Interview with 6universe

Discussion about various courses conducted in VLA
Exclusive Interview by our esteemed Educationlist!
       Interview with Raj Web News

Am Exclusive Interview with Raj Web News about Summer Camp, Kids Activities, Programming Languages offered by Victory Learning Academy.
we offer robotics classes @ VLA west mambalam
robotics classes
learn robotics @ vla west mambalam
robotics classes
learn robotics @ vla
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Learn robotics at grade level 
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learn wonderfull painting Course in vla. Classes taken by best artist Mr.ravichandran ( Award winner of tamilnadu handicrafts) & the best painting classes is held in VLA 
Robotics Training
Lakhs Of Happy Customer. Buy In Peace. Share Your Story.
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The Joint Entrance Examination (Advanced) 2018 will be conducted by the IITs. JEE Advanced exam conducted by seven zonal Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) under the guidance of Joint Admission Board (JAB) every year, for admissions to 23 Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs). Any student preparing for JEE 

Advanced to get into IITs is required to at least clear the cut-off of JEE Main.
The JEE Main exams are on the same lines of the CBSE Class 11 and 12 Physics, Chemistry and Math syllabus. The JEE Advanced requires a few extra topics to be covered for the exam. The two exams also differ since to be able to answer the JEE Advanced questions, the candidates must have in-depth knowledge of the concepts and their applications. Speed and accuracy are focused on JEE Advanced exams whereas in JEE Mains exams only speed is focused on.

Strategy for JEE: For IIT JEE exam you have to solve more questions with full concentration and focus, continuously for 3-hour sessions. After that you have to solve the previous year’s question papers. Solve around 3 question papers per day with 2-3 hours break between them and analyze your mistakes, loose points and topics. After taking the previous year's question papers, analyze what topics are more important and which type of questions comes for sure in exam. Prepare for those topics and don’t miss them.
Practice as many tests as possible with actual simulation of test environment if possible. Solve each one of them and evaluate your score, find out what you did wrong, reduce silly mistakes and you are good to go.
There are three bonus tips for your study session
1. Solving questions are more important than theory: You have to practice more test on your problem solving skills instead of your grasp on theory.
2. You have to focus on highly weightage chapter first: After taking the previous year’s question papers to analyze that what topics are more important and come surely in exam.
3. The most important things to taking tests with previous years question papers. Lots of students delay in taking tests and waiting to complete the entire syllabus, this habit responsible to gain poor marks in the exam. If you going to taking tests without completing syllabus, you might take good marks in mock tests.
While studying, you have to create an atmosphere as if you are sitting in exam.
There are some points to avoid during a 3 hours session:
• Avoid studying while lying down. Study on the desk if you have it at home.
• Don’t move from your desk during 3 hours session.
• Avoid listen to music, games, phone calls and SMS during studies.
• Avoid too much talking on phone.
• Avoid long hours to watch on TV, Internet, movies and matches.
• Avoid to study all night and sleep the whole day.
• You have to sleep more than 8 hours. Avoid to sleep too long or two short hours
• You should target for 7 hours sleep a day. Also avoid daytime sleeping for more than 90 minutes.

Personal notes are also the best last minute revision tool. Most students prefer handmade notes during their last minute revision. Nobody has time to refer those fat bulky books during the last few days/hours of the examination. At that time it is these short notes that work at its best.

By making effective notes, I don’t mean all sorts of decoration and colorful work. But yes, make clean, easy to understand notes and at most use 2 different color pens max! Don’t waste energy in that decoration stuff. You’ll not get any award for it. Just make sure you are comfortable with it, if you look back at it after a few months.

Don’t copy down theory and formulas from any book. That’s useless! Never do it. Write whatever your teacher tells in the class, every minute thing because you’ll never get to hear it again. The problems that are being solved in class.

After every chapter, leave at least 1-2 blank pages to write something useful later or some good questions of that topic that you think are good and need to be revised later.

Don’t keep it professional looking. It’s only for you. Write some lines in your mother tongue, be it Hindi, Bengali, Gujarati, Marathi, Telugu, Kannada, Tamil. Slang, funny.anything to understand that thing well. Keep it as simple as you can and try to make the stuff interesting for future studying.

Don’t write unnecessary things. Keep it to the point and straight forward. Big paragraphs- NEVER! Writing useless things will eventually make you lose interest.

If you skip any class or anyhow miss your schedule due to any reason. Leave pages and continue and do the previous work the same day. Don’t keep it pending otherwise it’ll never be done and will prove to be painful afterwards. Normally students slack off once they miss 1-2 classes. That’s deadly. Try to cover and capture everything and never procrastinate.

When you are making notes rather than making notes in words make notes in histogram & tree diagram as much as possible. Making notes with the help of tree diagram will take less time for revision.

JEE/ NEET are crucial exams for ambitious youngsters, as such exams determine the glorious career areas of the future and also contribute to their professional virtues later ahead in life. But since students have to take care of a lot of important tasks at same time, like carrying out their regular studies, preparation for their formal exams, sparing time for family and friends, sports and recreation and for other celebrations, it becomes pretty essential that every minute of crucial day hours must be utilised in the most appropriate manner. JEE/ NEET mock tests are very important as it helps students to understand the exam patterns and deal it in realtime.
Institute Encourages Students to Practice And implement Time Management:
We always stress upon the precise time management practice in order to let the youngsters develop their scholastic virtues fully. In the immediate turn of life, one can study in the well-controlled and finely tuned manner, once he has been able to manage his time properly by balancing different activities with proper time slice. We do not imply that sports and evening walks with friends are forbidden here, such are also necessary for the complete nurture of young mind but again one should exercise moderation and control and should imbibe a mature mindset as well, which is squarely expected from high school students. Likewise, one should also act on and address factors causing distraction or distress, such as ringtones, music, family blabber and/ or anyone or anything which causes gloom, as only with positive outlook, one can accomplish greater heights of prosperity and success. In same league, it is should advised that youth spend less time on internet and should simply restrict his or her activity on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube among other platforms, as such are useless if they don’t take you anywhere in life.
Make List of Tasks And Prioritise Them:
One should adept to become more productive by being fully involved with any study or concept exercise that they should never get the feeling of time passed so quickly. Such is a state of mind when a person is fully excited, energized and is devoted to tasks which lies at hand and to be like this, one simply needs to develop the necessary skills and should also be able to manage distractions. Finally, such a tendency would also contribute to gain clearer picture of one’s goals which can be split into daily objectives expected to be accomplished while a person prepares for IIT or JEE.
Keep Calendar For Frequent Reference:
Nothing comes to be so handy and useful to plan a study schedule for a month or two, than a calendar. One can simply divide days or can even devote a week or two to finish the studies of a particular subject, including its doubts or other mis-conceptions. It can also be useful in meeting out one’s obligations or necessary meetings, say with dentist or with some doctor, while studies can still be pursued.
Develop And Rely Upon The Habit Of Checklist:
To be able to prevail upon a task, career counselors have found checklists to unleash a towering versatility. One can prepare a checklist for a day or even for a week which can also be expanded to include a month and such checklists would enlist the main study centric jobs, like lessons finished, exercises done, sample papers finished and so forth, and such can be checked as they are finished simultaneously. Clearly, the most important tasks should top such checklists always to regain much sought scholastic worth and ability.
In a nutshell, some of the effective time management tips from experts are as underlined below:
1. Firstly, one should organize studies according to a timetable and should adhere to such schedule with full determination.
2. In weekly time schedule, each subject should be given proper place, say, of an hour daily during the day and weak areas should get more time.
3. Weekends should be reserved for clearing doubts and for group discussions.
4. Say no to useless relationships which prove fatal for one’s mind and personality at an early age
5. Youngsters should not spend too much time before TV or they should abandon watching TV completely.
6. Sports and evening walks should be arranged for refreshing the mind.
7. One should be wise in utilizing time properly and though all activities should be given proper attention but still the most crucial tasks should always enjoy the priority. Proper attention should be paid to sleep, eating, day breaks and for some recreation also.
8. A versatile timetable should be prepared and one should implement it diligently in his or her everyday life. Always, perseverance always pays back in life.
9. Review cards are handy way to keep review and revise certain topics. Such are kept in pocket and can be retrieved while one is compelled to wait for something without any option, such as bank queues, metro or bus travel etc. One can simply refer to such cards during such time and can refresh his concept easily that way while managing such time effectively.

One of the best ways to prepare for JEE & NEET exams is taking more mock test and solving as many questions as possible.
Many students focus on going subject wise for exam preparations. Eventually such students end up deceiving themselves in thinking, that they are fully prepared for exams. But the real fact remains that they are not yet fully sorted on those individual subjects from exams point of view. JEE & NEET exam experts suggest that the only way to know for sure regarding actual preparation level is to give mock test and to analyze results.
Below is a summary list of important benefits from attempting more Mock Tests:
1. Building right Exam Attitude
Very simply giving mock test gives your question solving ability a boost by giving you a fair understanding of type of questions and approximate time for solving different questions. Solving many different kind of questions will give you a fair sense of your strong and weak areas in any subject or full length tests.
Additionally, you learn to apply concepts better to solve questions. Overall such mock tests help you familiarize yourself with real exam environment.
2. Reducing those silly mistakes
Lack of attention and wrong calculation lead to silly mistakes in multiple choice exams like JEE. Students are prone to such mistakes despite ample knowledge, but lack of practice. Mock tests give you enough practice to be alert during exams, resulting in avoiding such silly mistakes. Ultimately, sincerity with mock test would equip you to gain those important marks and save time.
3. Making for a better revision tactic during preparation
Sometimes students take things lightly, while revising a subject, due to sheer boredom or over confidence. A full length mock tests allow you to cover important areas of full syllabus and help to better utilize revision time in those subjects, which are your weak areas.
4. Helping in better time management
Finally, a time bound mock test allows you to practice sincerely within stipulated time. Time management is about maximizing score by developing ability to prioritize among different questions and to allocate reasonable time to solve them.
So, though it sounds clichéd, there’s no denying that only dedicated practice leads to perfection in your chosen endeavor, and preparing for JEE & NEET is no different.

Cracking an entrance exam is no walk in the park. A lot of hard work, planning and dedication have to be put in to crack extremely competitive exams like JEE Main/Advanced and NEET. However, in addition to achieving academic brilliance, a child should have a holistic development. It is up to the parents to make sure that their child does not have a stressful life. A student must never feel that he/she is taking up this task all alone.
As parents, you have a huge role to play during these crucial years. Getting your ward admitted to a good coaching institute or a school is not the only job. The whole journey has to be taken together. Here, let us see what you can do as a parent to help your child crack the toughest entrance examinations.
Just being there for them can make a whole lot of difference. You don’t need to help your kid solve complex quadratic equations, though it is good to do. Just ensure them that whatever happens, you are going to be with them. Always remember that these are tough times for your kids. They might be going through a lot.
The pass percentage of many competitive entrance exams is very low. When it comes to JEE Main and Advanced, it is frighteningly low. So, it is important for a student to set an achievable target. Rather than pushing your child to do something he/she can’t, help them in realising their potential and eventually in achieving the target.
After all the long hours of classes, no kid wants to come back to a stressful place. The atmosphere at home should be a pleasant one. Parents must be cheerful and should never pressurise or put a whole lot of burden on their kids.
When a student is preparing for a competitive exam, he/she should be provided with all the help they want. Parents should become their guide, teacher and friend in need. Help them plan for their career and make their dreams a reality

The wide spread network of our centers is the mark of quality education, training and professional certifications that 
serve the Information Technology needs of the students and the industry. 
Kids Courses

Kids from the age of 6 – 16 can learn how to create Graphic, Animation, Web Design, Video Editing, Programming, Ipad Djing and more.
Web Development

Learn to create and maintain responsive Web pages. 
E-Commerce website using powerful tools like Html, CSS, Php, MySQL and more.
Multimedia Courses

Learn to create multiple forms of media that includes Graphics, Audio, Video & more. Get trained in graphics & image editing for jobs in media companies.
Office Automation

Create Letters, Reports, Memos, Proposals, Newsletters, Spreadsheets, Charts, Company Presentations, Financial statements within minutes.
Gajalakshmi is the founder promoter of VLA, aged about 42 and bubbling with tons of energy. She is a veteran in the educational services industry and software projects with an experience of over 2 decades. Prior to this, she had worked for organisations like Wipro and HCL. Her expertise comes from a combination of experience, relationship management and hard work. She is a connoisseur for interacting with students and one can find her interacting to students during her leisure time. She is a committed individual and very helpful by nature to the society/colleagues. She has been equally responsible as the founder for the growth of the organisation.


Victory Learning Academy in West Mambalam, Chennai

Victory Learning Academy in West Mambalam, Chennai has been offering professional training to students. It specializes and is well-known for training students as well as working professionals in Accounting, Web Designing, Programming languages, Hardware and Networking. It is run and managed by a seasoned professionals who leads a team of educators and trainers having relevant domain expertise. At this institution, one can get trained in the subject of their choice by opting from a wide range of courses. These are easy-to-follow, courses are primarily aimed at students, working professionals as well as IT professionals who want to enhance their knowledge and further their career prospects. Located at Station Road, you can find this institution with relative ease at No:24 in West Mambalam. Undoubtedly it is one of the best computer training institutes in  West Mambalam,Chennai.

Best Services are Offered at Victory Learning Academy.Victory Learning Academy in West Mambalam offers short-term courses and certificate courses. Inclusive of comprehensive learning, the long-term

programmed feature subjects such as Web development, Financial Accountancy, Computer Applications and Programming, information Technology, Multimedia and Web-designing. Some of the short-term courses cover topics like Windows XP, 7, 8, 10, Vista, MS Office, DTP (Desk Top Publishing), Web Designing, Multimedia, Tally ERP 9, C, C++ , and Visual Basic. Walk into this center all through the week between 08:00 - 21:00. 

Pay in Cash or Che-ques.

Please scroll up to view the address and contact details of Victory Learning Academy in , Chennai.


1. Victory as an Academy
The mission of the founder was to “Impart Quality Education to all strata of the society”. VLA is in the forefront among providers of quality education in the city. Keeping in step with its mission excellence in education with societal commitment, its concerns has always been to provide opportunities. VLA as a brand is well respected for its clean and efficient management.

People often want to know the best language to learn, to get ahead in life. Learning a language is 
off-course an excellent choice, but we have to say it’s difficult for us to suggest just one language, when success in life has come from speaking different languages. Speaking languages have created opportunities for many in their life to face competence. Languages Means Opportunities.

One of the biggest advantages of tuition is that lessons can easily be customized to suit each student.  Learners will benefit from the fact that an educator can adjust the pace; focus and goals of a lesson depending on the needs and abilities of the student, meaning that learning efficiency will be maximized. Another huge positive gained from tuition is the amount of time a student will receive from a teacher.

Extracurricular activities are handled to improve the skill and creativity. VLA entertains students through regular or summer courses with Abacus, Drawing and Painting and Chess helps unleash their   originality.

Project completion is an academic tool which provides a spark to your performance. VLA handles Engineering, Arts and Science projects through VSS (Victory Soft Solutions). It offers a variety of techniques and systematic methods designed to simplify and control tools, clearly define roles, achieve specific goals and deliver outcomes on time and within budget. Organizing your project lets you structure academic process in a way that is specific, measurable, attainable, time constrained and realistic.

The advantage of being a computer literate is almost as clear as saying ‘good day’. A person who seeks a job and has some basic training in computers says that the person is up to date with the existing technology and one who can do justice in a modern environment. When you work in languages like Java, C# and even Python, you immediately start moving towards learning the fundamentals of a programming language, libraries and frameworks.
2. Skill Development not a priority?!
Victory Learning Academy’s year theme is “upgrade: A Voice to Lead, Achieving the Sustainable Goals”. Each one of us here in VLA has been contributing towards achieving this goal by promoting education and skill development which helps an individual to be socially productive.
Skills based education is marred by multiple access barriers like limited infrastructure facilities, quality of training, rigid entry requirements, lack of official support and negative perceptions. Developing our human resources reservoir that not only feeds to the domestic market but also the global workforce is the urgent growth imperative.

The skills challenge doubles up for us with a swelling young working age group population. Often referred as the ‘Demographic Dividend’, the skill v/s jobs requirement mismatch often leads to economically inactive working age group people. While this impacts the economy and particularly the growth of the domestic industry, it is a huge social and civil risk.
This skill challenge magnifies for an educational institution is Quality, Quantity and Access. Institutions has a very large geographical spread, difficult terrain and varying social economic conditions which make implementation of standardized, quality control skill instruction is a huge challenge.
The aspiration mismatch resulting from the lack of social appreciation of skills makes it further more challenging to bridge the huge skills demand – supply gaps. Careers emanating from skills are a matter of chance for majority and not a well thought choice. Other challenges in implementation like shortage of trained educators, mismatch in the curriculum and lack of global recognition of certification.
The following measures may be adopted:

    Introducing special mechanisms in the delivery of training to increase participation every individual;
    Monitoring progress in increasing the participation and integration of an individual in training and employment and holding training programs accountable for equitable intake of confidence;
     Significantly expanding training provisions to one and all. This could be achieved through greater equitable integration into existing institutions, structures and facilities;
    Promoting training in non-traditional fields for every individual through the establishment of specific training programmes and pilot support schemes; which includes personal development and  life skills training modules and literacy training.
3. Student Calling
By providing a congenial learning environment that goes beyond the realms  of textbook, by using different strategies of learning, making teaching and learning more meaning. By using a judicious blend of state-of-the-art technology and the invaluable contribution of the facilitator. By providing opportunities to hone their social, artistic, culture and literary skills through faculty. By building sense of competition through various activities in and outside the academy. By creating an awareness of personal well being in every individual. We create a sense of responsibility and accountability in oneself. We teach the students to be world class, highly motivated and a continuous learner. In VLA we see to that every student will be an inspiring leader, mentor and a role model. Through quality training as a way of education and continuous improvement in all areas. All trainers here see to that they have good work ethics and be professional in work.
4. Going Digital
People describe Victory Learning Academy as an innovation after school initiative to do a small part to change education and to support education. The wide concept of digital writing and digital teaching touches on the topics which is relating to writing, technology, new media and the future of education. Our collaboration with Live Tutor is to give a quick synopsis, one of their major takeaways from the book is become very successful, it’s a combination of several elements, perfect place, perfect timing, with the proper training. The massive forces combine to produce many trained and talented professionals. They have access to computers and equipment that enable them to code far before most of the experienced people in the competitive world today. The syllabus is well covered with nice variety of topics while still remaining anchored in education and technology. This might be a little much for some readers, but we here in VLA think it’s a good quality. The digital world makes an individual experienced with certain techniques and events. 
This also helps in improving education policy and its news by getting whole lot of details. This makes the students more knowledgeable and familiar with the vast growth of education. This also helps in preparing for conferences in education and upcoming technology familiarity. Today, there is not a single candidate who will not be producing something with a digital writing tool in his or her lifetime. Instructional goals should drive an individual’s approach to technology integration and implementation. Here in VLA, the educators are advised to first consider their instructional goals and then find a digital tool that will help them in satisfying their teaching needs.
5. Goal Achievement
Victory learning academy aims at imparting quality education to prepare students to be active players in  a lifelong learning process, in the view of the face that students are faced with the challenges of learning about an interconnected world where knowledge is constantly evolving and the world is taking the shape of a global village. Hence it is constant endeavor of the educator to provide a conductive environment where each child is eager to do and to give back to the society. Educators in this academy perform working extensively to foster creative thinking abilities among students today. Over the last few years since our inception, we have worked with hundreds of students from across the zones on honing their activities and creativity. Our platform is adored by students, parents and educators alike for our innovative approach on education. The development of advanced artificial intelligence or super intelligent, opens up door to discoveries never before imagined goals.
Small Batches for personlized attention
Great First Experience ! Appreciate their approach towards coaching
Rohit Sharma


Victory Learning Academy
No.24/14, Station Road, (Opp.Bakhya Fast Foods), West Mambalam,
Mon to Sat:8 AM - 9 PM
Sun:  8AM - 4 PM
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